Built on Trust

D.M. Collins Plumbing is a family owned and operated company. The Collins’ family has a deep history in plumbing dating back to 1905. During the early years, Houston was a growing place and the Collins' family helped lat the groundwork for teh city's plubing system that is still being used today.From the top of the line plumbing companies to the city of Houston chief plumbing inspector, our family has done it all when it comes to plumbing. With a long history of plumbing, there is no plumbing prblem we cannot solve.

Built on Trust; three simple words that we uphold within our company and family. Our goal is to uphold our values with yours by making every effort to treat you as family. We seek to serve you in a manner that is most comfortable and suitable to your needs.

Our up-font pricing keeps you from receiving any hidden fees in your final bill. By using only highly qualified service technicians, our goal is to properly diagnose your problem the first time. This is to help avoid billing you for any unnecessary work and material. We desire a personal relationship with you, making you comfortable to call us for any other problems you should encounter in the future.

D.M. Collins Plumbing was Built on Trust and we seek to continue this tradition with you. Call us today if we can be of any assistance to you or if you simply have a question. 281-412-4284